Every single effort
may be small
When they gather and
take collective action
We can move society
We can change society
For the future of
Fukushima and Japan
The activities of Fukushima Renewable Future Fund are supported by every single people, company and organization in Japan and the world, who share our philosophy. Such collective support will produce renewable energy through this fund, and it will lead to the powerful future of Fukushima and Japan.

Board Chairperson's Message

Five years from the nuclear accident, we have worked on Fukushima’s community based renewable energy projects with the thoughts that Japan does not need nuclear energy because we have abundant renewable energy resources.

Fukushima, in origin, puts great value on history and tradition, and is the land that appreciates the blessing of rich nature and people lives in warm bond of communities.

Now, it is the time to bring energy back to our hand and to build the future of Fukushima with the hearts and minds of Fukushima. We aim to disseminate the lessons of Fukushima in order not to repeat the tragedy of nuclear accident in the world again.

With many various like-minded colleagues in Japan and around the world, we establish Fukushima Renewable Future Fund.

Fukushima Renewable Future Fund
Board Chairperson, Yauemon Sato

代表理事 佐藤彌右衛門

Honorary Founder - Advisor's Message

Fukushima Renewable Future Fund, Honorary Founder – Advisor / Elektrizitätswerke Schönau, Ursula Sladek


With the original contribution from Elektrizitätswerke Schönau (Germany) in commemoration of Stromrebellen Award 2014 to Yauemon Sato (AiPower), Fukushima Renewable Future Fund aims to support Fukushima’s renewable energy projects and recovery projects for the future. The fund starts with the projects that realize energy transition in Japan.

With your donation, Fukushima Renewable Future Fund supports Fukushima people’s renewable energy development, projects for the recovery from the nuclear disaster and regional development, and education and welfare projects. And as the fund’s own projects, we work on Fukushima’s future creation projects and the archive projects that keep the memory of Fukushima nuclear disaster and disseminate its lessons to the world.

Fukushima Renewable Future Fund accepts your donations!