Fukushima becomes a land of beginning

Scratched and struggling Fukushima prospectively wishes to become a land of the beginning for the future.


Renewable energy is a marriage of culture and technology. It is an important method, and it is a cornerstone for the independence and autonomy of our local community.


Because we rely on the land of Fukushima wounded by the nuclear accident, we will throw away nuclear energy, the turbulent God’s fire which human knowledge would not be able to control. And then we wish to proceed the transition to renewables which give us energy from wind, solar, water flow, geothermal and biomass.


Boundary between human and the nature must be redrawn.


Now, renewable energy in hand, Fukushima is trying to become the land of beginning. And by starting changes in Fukushima progressively, Japan and the world would move for sure.

Norio Akasaka (Fukushima Museum Director)

Fukushima Community Power Declaration” (February 2nd, 2014)

代表理事 佐藤彌右衛門

Five years from the nuclear accident, we have worked on Fukushima’s community based renewable energy projects with the thoughts that Japan does not need nuclear energy because we have abundant renewable energy resources.

Fukushima, in origin, puts great value on history and tradition, and is the land that appreciates the blessing of rich nature and people lives in warm bond of communities.

Now, it is the time to bring energy back to our hand and to build the future of Fukushima with the hearts and minds of Fukushima. We aim to disseminate the lessons of Fukushima in order not to repeat the tragedy of nuclear accident in the world again.

With many various like-minded colleagues in Japan and around the world, we establish Fukushima Renewable Future Fund.

Fukushima Renewable Future Fund
Board Chairperson, Yauemon Sato
(Japan Community Power Association / Yamatogawa Shuzouten the 9th Family Head)

理事 飯田哲也

On March 2012, Fukushima Prefecture set the official target of 100% renewable energy by 2040 and it brought a ray of hope to the confused and desperate people in Fukushima. This fund is a result of the hearts and minds of people in Fukushima who took actions to amplify from a ray of hope to extended streams for future, and the fund was born at the crossroad between those people in Fukushima and the hearts and minds of people who support them in Japan and around the world.

Following Albert Einstein’s saying, “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them,” this fund promises to challenge to create Fukushima’s future not limited to energy transition without turning our face away from the on-going nuclear disaster.

Fukushima Renewable Future Fund
Board Member, Tetsunari Iida
(Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies)

アドバイザー ウルズラ・スラーデック

I am proud to be an advisor to the fund, Japan wants to bring a major step forward in a nuclear free future and thank all those who have worked on the establishment of the fund. I hope the fund supports many various successful projects for the people in Fukushima, and collects more power to overcome difficulties.

There is still a long way to a world without nuclear threat – but if we want the victims of Fukushima and Chernobyl were not entirely useless, then we have to let us go. Well, let us go together, the people of Japan and Germany.

Let the fund common to life and especially for the people of Fukushima.

Fukushima Renewable Future Fund
Advisor, Ursula Sladek
(Elektrizitätswerke Schönau)

アドバイザー ソーレン・ハーマンセン

Samsø Energy Academy is working for a 100% RE community! It is our goal to meet other communities in the world with the same ambitions. Fukushima Renewable Future Fund is just in line with this ambition and Samsø Energy Academy look very much forward to a fruitful and prosperous development for Fukushima-Japan and the global network of community power projects.

Fukushima Renewable Future Fund
Advisor, Søren Hermansen
(Samsø Energy Academy)